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SofTrack End-User Control

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Controlling Local User Activity

SofTrack provides Enterprise Control options that give you unprecedented abilities and power on Windows-based workstations and thin clients (WTS/Citrix®). All control options require the use of the SofTrack Local Workstation Agent at each workstation and terminal server.

SofTrack's Control options provide a degree of control over how workstations and terminal server sessions are used throughout your enterprise that is unprecedented.

The Control options you select are implemented by the SofTrack Local Workstation Agent. The Control options may result in denial of user activity. Please note: with the exceptions of idle application terminations and blocked application usage, no record of denials is maintained.
Control Features

Control Software Usage : Details regarding control over application and software use.

Require Timekeeping : Details of SofTrack's unique interactive user usage recording.

Terminate Idle Apps: Details of warning and optionally terminating idle applications.

Reduce Data Theft: Details of how to reduce unwanted data transfers.

Stop Games & Viruses: Details of how to control use of games and unwanted downloads.

Block pod slurping: Details of how to block illegitimate data transfers.

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