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Bentley® Usage Controls detail

Controlling Bentley® Usage

Providing unparalleled Bentley® usage control and reporting:

  • Automatically detects activation of all Bentley® license codes
  • Enables tracking and control by Bentley® license code(s)
  • Includes feature codes (e.g. pipes, ponds, rail counts)
  • Blocks unlicensed Bentley® application usage
  • Blocks offline / uncontrolled usage
  • Allows user self-checkout (and check-in) of licenses for offline usage
  • Detects idle usage and automatically warns user and alerts administrator, can optionally terminate idle usage
  • Queues blocked users with priority notifications of license availability
  • Creates a real-time webpage users can access showing who is actively using a license
  • Controls usage per Bentley® requirements, per 10-minute period, including optional minimum usage time periods
  • Provides support for specific tracking of Bentley® per-user (Passport/Visa) licenses
  • Supports control per Bentley® Calendar Day (ELS) requirements
  • Supplies ability to control Bentley® SELECT licenses per calendar-hour

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