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Software Metering and Control

Providing exceptional control and reporting since 1988

Our product, SofTrack, provides multiple layers of software metering and control. Ranging from passive tracking and reporting to blocking unwanted applications and preventing over-usage of concurrent software licenses. Additional features include idle detection, termination, timekeeping and much more.

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Controlling software usage provides many benefits:

  • License Compliance
  • Control Concurrent License usage per Calendar Day
  • Restrict usage to specified number of days per overall time period
  • Reset License Usage every day at 11:59pm via automatic termination with 5-minute warning
  • Preventing unwanted application usage (games, unlicensed products, offline usage, etc)
  • Limiting concurrent usage
  • Tracking of specific applications
  • Report and control usage of any 32bit and 64bit DLL file(s)
  • Detecting idle usage and warn user + alert administrator
  • Providing users with an automatic web-page report for visibility of who is actively using controlled/metered software
  • Queuing of blocked usage with priority reservations for usage when available
  • Billing options utilizing Timekeeping prompting
  • Giving users the ability to self check-out licenses for offline usage
  • Detecting installed applications with no usage

The following sections provide further details of specific abilities and benefits.

Essential Controls

Basic software metering options for use with any application including in-house developed.

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Advanced Controls

Advanced software metering controls providing additional abilities that build upon essential controls.

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Bentley® Options

Providing product specific controls and reporting of Bentley® application usage.

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Other specialties

Automatic reporting of Autodesk® application usage and providing visibility of ESRI ArcMap® utilization.

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Supporting Software Usage Control

An easy to install workstation agent that connects in real-time to a configured server agent via TCP/IP or Named Pipes to provided centralized control of concurrent license usage. This full-featured agent provides all abilities, no other workstation installation required.

Workstation agent does not modify any workstation settings. Workstation agent does not modify any application files.

Designed to additionally provide functionality while offline, including blocking usage, journaling usage activity for later upload to the server configured server agent. Users can be given the ability to self-checkout licenses before going offline and self-checkin licenses when returning online.

Workstation agent automatically handles license use when transistioning from online to offline mode as configured.

Workstation agent functionality includes gathering of workstation hardware and applications installed for centralized reporting.

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Clients Supported

Windows® XP through the current version of Windows®
Windows® Remote Desktop Services
Citrix® Servers (all versions)
All Virtual Windows®-based Desktops


Work from home
Online with your network
Offline from your network
User self-checkout licenses


Full featured proprietary agent
Supports all versions of Windows® server including Windows® Core servers

Your control

Your self-hosted server on-premise or the cloud is utilized to control and record software usage as configured. Our self-controlled solution gives you control over your software usage and activity data.

Essential Controls

Provides basic software metering controls including:

  • Restricting concurrent usage to a predetermined number of workstations
  • Queuing of blocked usages with priority reservations
  • Blocking usage of unwanted applications
  • Preventing multiple simultaneous launches per desktop
  • Alerting on license utilization, 90%, 100% and overflow
  • Providing users with self-checkout ability to use licenses while offline
  • Maintaining a real-time license view webpage enabling users to know who is actively using a license
  • Reminding users when a license is inactive/idle and if remains idle, (optionally) automatically terminate the usage

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Advanced Controls

Enhancing essential controls including:

  • Combining application exe filename and command line wildcard matching for targeted license control
  • Tracking by Group Membership, provides licenses to select users and denies others
  • Linking licenses to automatically ensure search order to discover an available license
  • Documenting each usage by prompting the user with a required prompt that indicates reason for application usage via Timekeeping configurations
  • Enforcing license usage within a specific date range, blocking usages outside the configured dates
  • Blocking offline usage with ability to set exceptions
  • Restricting initial usage to selected daily time hourly periods

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Bentley® Controls

Providing specialized controls for natively controlling and reporting usage of Bentley® applications.

  • Provides Daily License Reset functionality, automatically terminate usage daily at 11:59p with a 5-minute user warning
  • Detects Practitioner license usage, enabling separate tracking and control
  • Detects activation of each specific Bentley® license code
  • Enables tracking and control by Bentley® license code(s)
  • Blocks unlicensed Bentley® application usage
  • Detects idle usage and automatically warns user and alerts administrator, can optionally terminate idle usage
  • Queues blocked users with priority notifications of license availability
  • Creates a real-time webpage users can access showing who is actively using a license
  • Controls usage per Bentley® requirements, per 10-minute period, including optional minimum usage time periods
  • Provides support for specific tracking of Bentley® per-user (Passport/Visa) licenses
  • Supports control per Bentley® Calendar Day (ELS) requirements
  • Supplies ability to control Bentley® SELECT licenses per calendar-hour

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Other Specialties

Providing unique abilities specific to Autodesk® and ESRI ArcMap®

  • Provides Daily License Reset functionality for any Autodesk® usage, automatically terminate usage daily at 11:59p with a 5-minute user warning
  • Detects Autodesk® FLEX License Usage, additionally detects all other Autodesk® license types (trial, education, Named-User, network, etc.)
  • Tracks all Autodesk® network usage licenses, no configuration required
  • Graphs daily maximum Autodesk® serial number and feature code usage
  • Graphs intra-day Autodesk® serial number and feature code usage
  • Does not rely on LMTools, FLEX-LM or any other Autodesk®-created logging
  • Works with all versions of all Autodesk® products
  • Click here for Autodesk® Flex License Control
  • Click for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plug-in and Add-in tracking details
  • Tracks all ESRI® ArcMap (ArcGIS) license check-out and check-in activity
  • Enables real-time webpage view that users can access to know where ESRI® licenses are in-use
  • Provides queuing ability when ESRI® licenses are blocked
  • Alerts administrator when ESRI® licenses are all-in-use

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