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Revision History

Jan 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for support of recent updates made to Bentley® Applications

  • Jun 10 2019
  • Released New SofTrack Administration Console - modernized the user interface
  • Added Support for Windows Server 2019
  • Updated all SofTrack Server Agent components to be fully 64bit, previously only the kernel driver was 64bit
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for improved support of recent updates made to Bentley® Applications

  • Jul 26 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Agents to perform Automatic Autodesk® Usage Report by network license and by product's feature code - completely independently of any existing License Profiles
  • Updated SofTrack Agents to enable new feature LWA Automatic Updates starting with LWA v7.25a can now utilize automatic updating
  • Updated SofTrack Server Agent to suppress sending duplicate Bentley® not tracked alert emails

  • Nov 4 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Agent to properly detect Bentley® codes for Navigator v10
  • Added new email Alert for 'Copy File to Removable Device' workstation activity

  • Nov 22 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Agent to properly detect Bentley® codes for RAM version 17 products

  • Feb 25 2020
  • Updated DSRRSMTP.DLL component to support TLS v1.2 (used for email alerts)
  • Updated SofTrack Agent to properly detect Bentley® Site Activation Code for command line metering

  • Jun 18 2020
  • Added new by user report for Autodesk "Product Usage" (for usage activity that is automatically detected)
  • Added new Smart Inventory report to show all Applcations used, per day, on specific workstations during a specific reporting period.
  • Added support for tracking Serial Number and Product Codes engaged by Autodesk 2020/2021 products
  • Added support for Bluebeam REVU 2018/2019 and later versions, will now include Serial Number on launch and 30 seconds after launch will send launch code indicating if open for Markup Mode or ViewOnlyMode
  • Added option to Push Console to set Remote Registry service to "Demand Start" to successfully complete LWA updates

  • Oct 05 2020
  • NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: SofTrack Managed Assets
  • Automatically track all user-opened applications
  • Track Idle usage, Active usage and Total usage for every application users open
  • New light-weight agent records all activity online, offline and securely uploads or transfers data for reporting
  • All Activity stored in SQL Server
  • Separate workstation data per department, campus, geo-location, and more
  • Designed to provide Software Asset Management for Enterprises, Education and MSPs
  • Multiple Software Asset Management reports: Audit Position, User Daily Activity, Concurrent Usage Graph (compare up to 10 applications), Applications used, Excessive Idle Applications, Applications installed per workstation and Applications Not Used and many more

  • Jan 11 2021
  • Update to resolve conflict when Autodesk® products embed Bentley® applications
  • Update to resolve "Quick Links" links disappearing on Windows® 10 workstations
  • Added interactive user-defined prompt responses for Advanced Timekeeping
  • Added ability to sequence License Profile processing (new option within Linking Profile configuration)

  • Mar 01 2021
  • Update workstation agent to correctly obtain Bentley® codes for ProjectWise 10
  • Update workstation agent to correctly provide metering for applications using long command lines (more than 500 characters)

  • May 17 2021
  • Update workstation agent to consistently provide codes and serial number (if assigned) for Autodesk 2020 applications
  • Update workstation agent to ensure correct operation with Bentley® ProjectWise

  • Aug 27 2021
  • Add automatic tracking of Autodesk applications Named User licenses
  • SofTrack Managed Assets - added several new reports, graphs, scheduled emails of activity graphs and more

  • Apr 20 2022
  • Added support for Windows® Server 2022 and Windows® 11
  • Added ability to automatically notify and terminate application usage at midnight
  • Added ability to pool licenses from up to 3 license profiles to better manage and report controlled application usage
  • Added ability to automatically track AutoDesk® licenses by Named User

  • May 11 2022
  • Added support for Windows® Update KB5011831

  • Sep 19 2022
  • Added ability to automatically terminate any license usage daily at 11:59p with a 5-minute user warning
  • Added detection of Bentley® Practitioner license usage, enabling ability to separately track and control
  • Added detection of Autodesk® FLEX (Named-User) license usage, enabling ability to separately track and control including reset usage daily
  • Improved VPN detection to ensure SofTrack Local Workstation Agent utilizies VPN connection when present
  • Corrected tracking of Microstation v8 licenses on Windows 10/11
  • Improved interoperability with Palo Alto Networks's Cortex XDR
  • Enhanced Automatic Administrator reports to report usage on all users and computers, sample image below
  • SofTrack Managed Assets: Corrected issue when disabling retired workstations
  • SofTrack Managed Assets: Added Autodesk® tracking of all Named-User License Activity
  • SofTrack Managed Assets: Added Autodesk® tracking of all Network License Activity
  • SofTrack Managed Assets: Improved Utilization Intelligence HTML output to include all components, for example, Adobe® Creative Cloud usage
  • SofTrack Managed Assets: Added User Internet Upload + Download activity tracking including bytes transferred