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Since its 1987 inception in Dallas, Texas, Integrity Software has created beneficial solutions for its customers worldwide.

Integrity Software values the customer relationship above all. We maintain administrator-level senior support engineers that both understand your environment and how our solutions can provide maximum benefit to your organization.


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For answers to general questions about Integrity Software, Inc. from with the USA and Canada, call 866-372-8991 toll-free. From outside the USA and Canada please dial 512-372-8991.

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Welcome, You have found the home of SofTrack, your first choice for Desktop Auditing, Control, Inventory, Metering, License Compliance and Software Asset Management.

For the past 34 years SofTrack has provided world-class software metering.

Today's version of SofTrack includes features and benefits that meet and exceed your daily demands of managing and controlling workstation compliance.

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