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All SofTrack evaluation licenses include unlimited technical support.

Most purchased SofTrack licenses include unlimited technical support via email, telephone and the web. If you are having any issues, please call or email today.
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  • By calling 512-372-8991 ext. 2; Our support staff is available from
           04:00 (GMT-6) to 18:00 Central USA Time (GMT-6)

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    Revision History...


    SofTrack Enhancements 2000 through 2012:

    September 2000
    Integrity Software begins its direct support of SofTrack

    Integrity Software created SofTrack in 1988 under the name SiteLock and was renamed SofTrack in 1993

    November 2000
    SofTrack for NetWare 5.1

    March 2001
    SofTrack Local Agent for Windows NT/2000/XP

    May 2001
    SofTrack for Windows 2000 - first release

    June 2001
    Microsoft NetWare Client Support added to SofTrack for NetWare

    October 19, 2001
    New SofTrack Token Method released - all future revisions require new-style token

    SofTrack for NetWare 5x support for Macintosh (server-hosted files)

    December 2001
    SofTrack for Terminal Services (Citrix) added to SofTrack for NT/2000 Terminal Server

    January 2002
    SofTrack for NetWare 6x

    April 2002
    SofTrack Local Agent for Windows NT/2000/XP now supports up to 32 processors per workstation

    SofTrack Local Agent, all versions, now supports metering of any local or remotely used application

    May 2002
    Added Enhanced Purge Process to SofTrack for Windows NT/2000

    SofTrack for Windows NT/2000 now supports Load Balancing and Fault Tolerant Server Adapters

    July 2002
    Added Idle Detection and Termination

    Added Timekeeping feature to provide a software usage billing platform

    September 2002
    Improved Messaging for SofTrack Local Agent interaction with Windows NT/2000 Servers

    NCP replaces IP and IPX for Global Licensing in SofTrack for NetWare - SofTrack for NetWare no longer requires IPX

    October 2002
    SofTrack Administrator Interface Appearance and Operation Updated (SOFTRACK.EXE)

    November 2002
    Added Silent Operation option to Timekeeping

    December 2002
    Added Disallow Multiple Launches per desktop for workstations using the Local Workstation Agent

    February 2003
    Added Ability to Customize Idle Detection and Multiple Launches messages for local languages

    Revised Purge process of SofTrack for Windows NT/2000

    March 2003
    Revised SofTrack In-use Connections tracking of SofTrack for Windows NT/2000

    April 2003
    SofTrack for Windows 2003 (all editions) - first release

    Quick Inventory - first release

    June 2003
    Added Suite Metering feature for Files Tracked and Local Windows Files

    Added DMI/SMBIOS data to Quick Inventory Reports

    October 2003
    Smart Inventory - first release

    Added Audit of File Opens, Creates and Copying

    Added Control of renaming, modification and creation of .EXE/.COM files

    January 2004
    Improved performance of Server Agents

    Added ability to remotely gather software and hardware inventory data from workstations that are not directly connected to your enterprise network (for instance: travelling employees)

    March 2004
    SofTrack Local Macintosh Client - first release
    SofTrack now fully support MacOS 9 and MacOS X workstations

    SofTrack Quick Inventory - stand alone product - first release

    Quick Inventory Change Tracking - first release

    August 2004
    SofTrack Quick Inventory for Macintosh - first release

    SofTrack now provides hardware and software inventory reports for MacOS 9 and MacOS X workstations - includes change tracking of Macintosh inventory modifications

    SofTrack Local Workstation Agent for Windows updated to properly interoperate with Windows XP Service Pack 2

    October 2004
    SofTrack Server Agent for Windows and NetWare were updated to correctly track changes in software inventory (hardware inventory changes were unaffected).

    This update only affects those using the August 10, 2004 build, previous versions were not affected by this issue.

    November 2004
    Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent for Windows to track all Internet Explorer web accesses when using the latest Windows updates.

    Updated Smart Inventory reports to correctly report usage when using the latest inventory module.

    January 2005
    Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent for Windows to track all Internet Explorer web accesses when using the latest Windows updates.

    Updated Inventry module to better accommodate csv report format by removing extra commas from RAM Module descriptions.

    Updated command line inventory reports to include trailing comma in hardware reports.

    Release of newer Macintosh OS9 client to better track Microsoft Office applications.

    April 2005
    Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent for Windows to better work with Windows XP when using the latest CPUs by AMD and Intel.

    Updated Inventory module to include tracking of Exchange Server revisions and include more detailed descriptions of Intel CPU models found.

    October 2005
    Updated Quick Inventory Agent to properly handle workstations that do not include DMI data.

    Update SofTrack Server Agents to allow up to 3,000 workstations per license profile per server.

    February 2006
    Corrected Macintosh Inventory 'License Error' during Report Generation.

    Improved Terminal Server Metering of Local Workstation Agent.

    Added Product Installation Key Report for Microsoft Operating Systems and Applications.

    File Audit Trail now includes process name for File Open/Create events - previously included process name for File Copy events remains.

    March 2006
    Updated Macintosh Inventory for Intel Dual Core Macintoshes.

    Updated QIADMIN to allow simultaneous inventory reporting from multiple servers.

    Updated Inventory for Windows XP x64.

    July 2006
    Enhanced MSI Package for Local Workstation Agent + Quick Inventory Agent

    Enhanced MSI Package for Quick Inventory Agent only

    August 2006
    Updated Local Workstation Agent for Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-051 (917422)

    November 2006
    Added the following fields to Quick Inventory for Windows workstations:
    * Computer Description
    * Last Reboot Time
    * Time Zone
    * Domain
    * Logon Server
    * Primary Windows User
    * Primary NetWare User
    * Details of first 6 disk drives (per workstation)
    * Details of first 6 printers (per workstation)

    Added support to SofTrack for NetWare for Novell's UTF8 NCP (when tracking file open events)

    April 2007
  • Updated the Time Zone field in Quick Inventory for Windows workstations reports to reflect whether or not USA/Canada 2007 DST update has been applied.

  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to function correctly on Windows 2003 SP1.

  • Modified SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to function correctly on Windows workstations and servers where 4GB or more of physical RAM is in-use.

  • July 2007
  • Updated Inventory Agent to include support for Windows Vista®

  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to function correctly on Windows Server 2003 SP2.
  • Updated MSI Installer package for Local Workstation Agent distribution.

  • September 2007
  • Added new Push Console to enable pushing and removal of SofTrack Agents on Windows-based workstations.

  • Added Quick Inventory Service that will automatically run Inventory Agent as configured (as often as every 10 minutes, configurable to the number of elapsed minutes out to once a week)

  • October 2007
  • Updated Windows Server Agent for low memory conditions during license profile creation.

  • Corrected Inventory Change Tracking in SofTrack NLM for NetWare to better handle large workstation inventory files

  • Updated Inventory Agent, now identifies serial numbers for Adobe products version 6, 7 and 8

  • SofTrack Local Workstation Agent now can be configured to BLOCK execution of EXE files from removable media (USB, FireWire, CDROM, DVD and so on)

  • SofTrack Local Workstation Agent now can be configured to BLOCK execution of EXE files from any "temporary" directory such as those used by automatic internet downloads and ZIP file viewers

  • January 2008
  • Updated Push Console to be multi-threaded, one per workstation, enabling faster deployments

  • Added Automated Archiving Option for Audit Log files

  • Added ability to block copying of files to Removable Devices via any method, each blocked copy request is recorded

  • Corrected various sorting issues in Quick Inventory and Audit Reports

  • Quick Inventory now shows installation keys for Microsoft Visual Studio products

  • Quick Inventory Change Log now separately records changes in Workstation Printer definitions

  • AlertEXE created/modified report now includes when DLL files are created/modified

  • Workstation Audit Reports include new search options

  • New Workstation Audit Report: Blocked File Copies

  • March 2008
  • Initial Release of SofTrack Local Workstation Agent for Windows Vista®

  • Updated Global Licensing with higher performance

  • Confirmed readiness of SofTrack Local Workstation Agent for Windows XP SP3

  • Updated File Auditing to work correctly when tracking roaming profiles

  • April 2008
  • NEW! Workstation Logon and Logoff Tracking, available as separate report

  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent for Windows Vista®

  • Updated Inventory data collection

  • May 2008
  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to resolve startup inconsistencies

  • Dec 01 2008
  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to resolve a crash in dwhwizrd.exe (a component of Symantec's Live Update)

  • Accelerated Quick Audit searching reporting with new caching technology

  • Updated Macintosh Inventory reporting to correct errors in properly reporting MacOS version

  • Enhanced Macintosh Inventory reporting to correctly identify Intel vs PowerPC processors

  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to better work with Adobe Speedloader

  • Dec 26 2008
  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to better interoperate in terminal server environments

  • Added runtime options to the STUSER utility to establish only specific servers being available for viewing

  • Updated Macintosh Inventory gathering on NetWare Servers to correctly handle Macs with workstation names longer than 20 characters

  • February 2009
  • Improved Inventory Agent when collecting Microsoft Installation Keys
  • Modified Macintosh Inventory report to include latest data collection date
  • Updated Server Agent to correctly track Active Directory Group Members
  • Added Workstation Lock and Unlock times when tracking Workstation Logon

  • April 2009
  • Added Video Adapter Model, Version and Driver Date to inventory report
  • Updated Local Workstation Agent to improve performance

  • February 2010
  • Added Windows 2008 64-bit support for the SofTrack Server Agent
  • Added Windows Vista and Windows 7 64bit support for the SofTrack Local Workstation Agent
  • Updated Windows 64bit (XP - 2008) support for the SofTrack Quick Inventory Agent - now detects installed 64bit-only applications and improved support for SMBIOS values for the workstation manufacturer, model and serial number
  • Added option for pure TCP/IP support to the SofTrack Local Workstation Agent
  • Added option for pure TCP/IP support to the SofTrack Quick Inventory Agent
  • Updated Internet tracking to support ALL BROWSERS (previously supported only Internet Explorer) - will now track all workstation internet browsing regardless of browser used and reports include the name of the browser being used
  • New Internet tracking enhanced for full functionality on 64bit Vista and Windows 7 workstations

  • March 2010
  • Updated Audit Browsers (stbw_k32.sys and stbw_k64.sys) for more stateful checking
  • Updated Windows Local Workstation Agent to include eDirectory/NDS login name for internet browsing audit reports
  • Updated MSI packages with latest drivers including new 64bit MSI package
  • Updated Windows Local Workstation Agent to remove extra Windows error message that was being shown on Vista and Win7 workstations when applications were being actively blocked
  • Updated Push Console Active Directory Workstation Scan to automatically eliminate any disabled workstations

  • August 2010
  • Released REDESIGNED Administrator Console for SofTrack for Windows
  • Released NEW Managed Applications Feature for Quick Inventory and SofTrack for Windows
  • Updated Push Console for more robust operation
  • Corrected unload hang within Local Windows Agent
  • Updated Local Workstation Agent for correct communications with NetWare Server Agent via Vista/Win7 workstations
  • Updated SofTrack Server Agent for x64 2008 Servers to automatically add firewall rules for SOFTRACK64_TCP and SOFTRACK64_UDP (opening port 3884)
  • Corrected incomplete load problem in SofTrack Server Agent for 2008 Servers

  • December 2010
  • Released updated Macintosh OSX metering and inventory agents - now fully functional through 10.6.x
  • Corrected bug in gathering Macintosh locally defined users inventory - now correctly collected
  • Added new inventory report: Locally Defined Macintosh Users
  • Added full and partial path metering for local Macintosh and Windows files
  • Enhanced performance of Windows Local Metering Agent when auditing file open/create activity
  • Added Local Macintosh files to meter on Simple Edit screen of SofTrack Console for Windows servers
  • Webinar: added new webinar Inventory as Armor

  • January 2011
  • Enhanced Managed Application Profile creation - now caches all applications for quick re-selection
  • Added ability to list workstations included in any Managed Application Profile compliance violation scan
  • Added tracking of FILE DELETE actions

  • October 2011
  • Fixed memory leak in SofTrack Server Agent (SSA)
  • Introduced support of Timekeeping, File Audit+Control and Idle Tracking on Vista/Win7 workstations and 2008/2008R2 servers (32bit and 64bit)
  • Includes enhanced MSI installation of Local Windows Agents
  • New Report shows all active connections, last logon and last application run
  • Added direct support for Sophos AV protocols that were previously conflicting with SofTrack's agents
  • Added enhanced Logon + Logoff Reporting
  • Now includes full or partial path metering of locally installed Windows applications

  • November 2011
  • Fixed performance issues in cptlwa32.dll and cptlwa64.dll (only used on Vista/Win7 workstations)
  • Updated compatability of Macintosh Local Metering and Quick Inventory Agents when used on MacOs 10.7.x (Lion)

  • December 2011
  • Full support added for Windows 2003 x64

  • April 2012
  • Enhanced Group Tracking for software metering to include Active Directory Groups and nested groups
  • Also enhanced Group Tracking to track by Active Directory workstation - relies on workstation objects' group membership
  • Added new Quick Inventory report for CPUs per workstation, revealing how many found and details of each processor, for up to the first 32 processors per workstation
  • Added new Quick Inventory report for Physical Disk Drives + USB/Firewire drives installed including Manufacturer, Model and Serial Number
  • Added new Quick Inventory detail, Monitor Resolution for each workstation's attached monitors, reports up to first 4 monitors found
  • Added new Quick Inventory detail, now reports up to first 6 RamBanks installed - covering new Triple Channel Architecture Windows® workstations
  • Fixed Quick Inventory to properly report Google Chrome installations

  • Nov 2012
  • Added full support for Small Business Server 2011 including x64 versions
  • Enhanced Workstation Logon Report now includes searches by User Name, Workstation Name and IP Address
  • Increased maximum remote workstations supported per server from 3000 to 9000
  • Browser Tracking now supports x64 systems with up to 128 CPU systems (previously supported 8 CPUs)
  • Macintosh support now includes latest version 10.8.x (Mountain Lion)
  • Quick Inventory enhanced, now includes details of RAM banks 1-6 (previous 1-4)
  • Quick Inventory enhanced, now includes physical disk manufacturer
  • Quick Inventory enhanced, now reports display resolution settings for first 4 monitors connected at each workstation
  • Quick Inventory correction - now properly identifies all native 64bit applications installed on x64 systems
  • 2013-2021

    SofTrack Enhancements 2013 through 2019:

    Feb 2013
  • Added Support for Windows 2012
  • Added Support for Windows 8
  • Performance improvements in Local Windows Agent
  • Push Console now automatically starts Remote Registry service when required

  • May 2013
  • Revised and updated Administrator Console, new look and feel
  • Additional Push Console options including Active Directory Computer Scan from selected container
  • New Workstation Profiles to filter Logon+Logout Reports includes Active Directory Group option
  • Revised Windows Agent for better inoperability when resuming from selected Windows Power Save modes

  • Sept 2013
  • Updated SofTrack Server Agent to better respond to high levels of TCP/IP agent communications (1500+ workstations)
  • Updated SofTrack Local Workstation Agent to act more timely during periods of network latency or disconnection
  • Corrected File Opens when showing in AlertEXE log
  • Corrected Enhanced Logon Filter Reports - was not correctly filtering results

  • Dec 2013
  • Updated Saved Reports option to correctly restore last settings saved
  • Updated Command Line Reports tool for proper function on Windows 2012 Server
  • Workstation Inventory now tracks multiple display adapters per workstation

  • Jan 2014
  • Updated CPTLWA32.DLL to ensure only user processes are tracked

  • Mar 2014
  • Added new Timecard Logon Report including daily exception period reporting
  • Added new Workstation Availability Report that can be configured to continously update status of selected workstations, optionally grouping into departments, labs, or other location specification
  • Added new Daily Bar Chart Report to show number of simultaneously logged in computers and/or terminal server (Citrix) sessions on one or more computers
  • Added Windows User Experience Index value to Quick Inventory Report

  • Apr 2014
  • Added new Hour-By-Hour Concurrency Control to help assist in management of Bentley® SELECT Open Access Trust Licensing
  • Updated CPT_X64A.EXE module for better compatibility with recent Windows updates

  • May 2014
  • Improved File Auditing of files created, copied, deleted, and opened by reducing amount of noise created by system processes
  • Added Offline Metering and Auditing abilities. Now fully supporting offline metering, file activity auditing, user logon tracking and advanced timekeeping
  • Added ability to track application files based on command line options used
  • Added Advanced Timekeeping feature where the SofTrack Administrator can define the exact responses users can choose from
  • Added new reporting for Advanced Timekeeping that is based on response code(s) used to better facilitate reporting
  • Updated Local Workstation Agent support for latest Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 updates

  • Jun 2014
  • Added new Day-By-Day Concurrency Control to help assist in management of Bentley® Enterprise License Subscriptions (ELS)
  • Updated SofTrack Console to always start on top when initially loaded rather than its main window presenting behind other windows at start

  • Aug 2014
  • Updated SofTrack Push Console to automatically deal with 1060 errors (service does not exist) during workstation update
  • Added ability to exempt specific applications from always block when offline to ensure availability while working offline
  • Added Bentley® product id code awareness to further assist in precise tracking of Bentley® application use for both 32bit and 64bit Bentley® applications
  • Added COPY TO REMOVABLE label for file copies made to removable devices, previously would simply indicate COPY was made, now indicates is to a removable device
  • Added Genuine Windows indicator to Quick Inventory report (Machine Details)
  • Revised Group Tracking determination for each Local Workstation Agent connection to occur in the background which is important when the Active Domain hosts are not always reachable
  • Added IP ADDRESS CHANGE detection records while workstation is operating offline and Logon Tracking is enabled
  • Added WX2 error checking when SofTrack license exceeded for workstation audit and logon tracking
  • Added Update Statistics to right-click menu in SofTrack Console's server blue tile to ensure details can be updated on demand

  • Sep 2014
  • Updated Local Workstation Agent Browser Auditing option to include tracking of HTTPS websites visited
  • Updated Local Workstation Agent Browser Auditing option to better support power sleep mode on Windows 8.1
  • Revised Bentley® License Profile options to hold license during calendar hour or calendar day by workstation rather than by specific user
  • Revised AGENTS tab in SofTrack Console to reveal each node's specific statistics including if actively using a Terminal Server License, Workstation License, Last Time Communicated, Last Time Agent Unloaded, Last Time Workstation Restart, Last Time Offline Records transmission and Last Time Bentley® license code transmitted
  • Updated Local Workstation Agent to ensure better inoperability with Windows Office 2013

  • Oct 2014
  • Corrected issued when tracking offline application use tracking when launch command line(s) are defined where incorrect metering could occur
  • Updated Local Workstation Agent to be more responsive during initial workstation boot up and track all applications without delay from the moment of workstation startup including when operating in offline mode
  • Added Automatic Software Metering Web-Ready Report that details License Profile Activity including displaying of Active Users + Queued Users and is updated once a minute
  • Added Automatic Software Metering Web-Ready Management Reports, previous week, month-to-date and calendar quarter-to-date all reports include detail and summary options
  • Additionally, Automatic Software Metering Web-Ready Reports are correctly adjusted for Calendar Day and Calendar Hour usage options to ensure maximum used per day are correctly identified

  • Nov 2014
  • Added Windows XP Support for Bentley® license activiation codes, now supporting all versions of Windows®
  • Added Alerts when idle applications are detected and/or idle applications are terminated
  • Corrected License Profile Checkout option to accurately adjust license count
  • Added right-click option on License Managers to manually Add User to be License Manager
  • Revised Automatic Software Metering Web-Ready Reports graphs to include all workstations for License Profiles defined to use Calendar Hour

  • Dec 2014
  • Corrected issued with Customized License Messages where messages over a certain length would display incorrectly
  • Added Details report for idle warnings and idle terminations, enabling a report option that shows only those actions
  • Added EXPORT + IMPORT options for License Profiles to allow easy distribution between multiple servers from a common source
  • Update to SofTrack Server Agent to better handle TCP/IP workstation communications in response to recent updates in Windows and VMWARE

  • Jan 2015
  • Added MINUTE support for Calendar Day License Profile option to support timezones that use a minute that is not top the hour (:00) such as locations in India, Australia, New Zealand +others

  • Feb 2015
  • Added ability to directly detect and monitor Bentley License Activations for 2004 and XM versions of Microstation and other Bentley 2004 and XM products
  • Added ability to enable Browser tracking on a workstation-by-workstation basis rather than for all workstations

  • Apr 9 2015
  • Added Bentley Product IDs not tracked; this automatic report details each Bentley® product code by id, version and features +executable filename not currently defined by tracking by SofTrack, includes workstation where used
  • Added Email Alerting for all SofTrack Alerts
  • Added Inactivity Alerts for workstation agents that stop regular communication including when agent is stopped and started
  • Added Executable File Created Alerts
  • Added Workstation Audit Search by time of day filter

  • Apr 23 2015
  • Quick Inventory only update to include all latest components
  • Quick Inventory Agent (inventry.exe, version 2.4w) updated to use smaller packet size to ensure transfers are correctly performed

  • Jun 2015
  • Updated SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) to correct Windows start problem when used with Microsoft KB3063858 on Windows 7 (32 bit) workstations
  • Added Real Time Alerting when users Delete, Copy or Create more than a specified level of files in a specific time period or less
  • Added Ability to Track Bentley® license usage by Site Activation Key
  • Updated all SofTrack custom message length to be 117 characters to enable more verbose custom messages to users regarding SofTrack activity
  • Modified SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) for better inoperability on workstations where VPN access routinely is enabled and disabled
  • Added Real Time Alerting when users create executable files on their workstation
  • Modified SofTrack Server Agent to scan License Profiles with command lines prior to scanning those without command lines to provide a defined structure to the selection of the profile to use for metering
  • Added User popup-message when operating offline and the SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) blocks access
  • Fixed history reporting graph when invalid records are found in the meter.log file to ensure activity is graphed
  • Email Alerting updated to allow blank password for connection to smtp server host

  • Jul 2015
  • Updated SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) to track Bentley Product ID Codes for 2002 and 2003 versions of Microstation
  • Corrected issue in SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) that could cause unexpected termination during startup of applications utilizing Bentley ProjectWise Integration
  • Serialized SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) activity to reduce server TCP/IP port requirements

  • Aug 2015
  • Corrected HTML Graph output for Bentley Usage to account for timezone and daylight savings time differences to reflect actual usage
  • Increased Quick Inventory reporting to show up to the first 16 RAM Banks per workstation
  • Updated Browser Auditing to correctly detect all TCP/IP linkages for improved website activity audit logging
  • Updated SofTrack Server Agent (SSA) to automatically archive workstation audit and logon activity log files where last activity recorded is greater than 7 days in the past
  • Added valid alerting time periods for generation of SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) Inactivity Alerting
  • Updated SofTrack Server Agent (SSA) to track workstation agents by direct IP address rather than intermediate routers

  • Sep 2015
  • Updated SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) to support Windows 10
  • Added ability to manually check out licenses to User + Computer that are not presently connected to the SofTrack Server Agent
  • Added support for Autodesk® Cascade Licensing - providing SofTrack Reporting, License Control and User Queueing
  • Added support for ESRI® ArcGIS license checkout and checkin activity - providing SofTrack Reporting, License Control and User Queueing
  • Updated SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) to ensure only a single instance of an application flagged to disallow multiple launches occurs
  • Updated SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) to use alternate methods to determine Domain name for its host workstation to correctly resolve the workstation LDAP name for Group Tracking
  • Added automatic SofTrack Server Agent (SSA) refresh when removing License Profiles to ensure affected applications are no longer tracked and controlled
  • Enhanced Basic TimeCard Logon Reporting to provide Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds data for Total Logon Period, Locked Period and Active Period
  • Updated Bentley Not Tracked Code Report to indicate when values shown are truncated and follow-on implementation suggestions

  • Dec 2015
  • Corrected delay issue when using offline metering
  • Added ability to track ESRI licenses that are to be automatically released at application exit
  • Added Windows 10 Installation Key to workstation inventory reports

  • Jan 2016
  • Modified Idle detection to now include usage of sub-launched applications as being active usage for parent application
  • Added Timecard report providing summary of total logon active/inactive logon time per user per day
  • Added Automatic Last 12 Months web report graph showing maximum usage per week for past 12 months
  • Updated SofTrack Workstation Agent (LWA) for additional support of tracking Bentley Haestad Water products

  • Mar 2016
  • Added Automatic Blocking and Alerting of Untracked Bentley licenses to help prevent overages of license
  • Updated SofTrack's implementation of Autodesk® Cascade Licensing to exactly match it functionality
  • Added 2 minute warning before termination of select Bentley applications that invoke multiple product identifiers
  • Improved Offline Tracking to journal activities tracked while operating offline to increase performance

  • Apr 2016
  • Update SofTrack Local Agent for better interoperation with Citrix® Receiver and XenTools
  • Update SofTrack Server Agent to include workstation o/s version and primary video size in Workstation Availability Web Reports
  • Update SofTrack Local Agent for better compatibility with recent Windows 7 updates

  • Jun 2016
  • Added Calendar 10-Minute licensing policy support per Bentley®'s revised policy
  • Extended Blocking of untracked Bentley® codes to OFFLINE Mode to prevent usage of unlicensed Bentley applications

  • Aug 2016
  • Added new HTML (webpage) Timecard Daily Summary + Intraday Details Logon Report. This new report works with existing logon records.
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for better interoperability with recent Windows 10 updates

  • Nov 2016
  • Updated Push Console for better Windows 10 interoperability
  • License Activity Reports can now be filtered by Workstation and Terminal Server where activity occurred
  • Corrected SofTrack Console and Server Agent for better Offline application metering interoperation
  • Updated to allow individual metering license profiles to be removed from Active User webpage view
  • Idle Alert emails are now configurable, previously were always sent
  • Added new HTML (webpage) report showing an intra-day software metering activity graph for each date reported

  • Mar 2017
  • Autodesk® tracking by Product ID, Feature Code, FLEXnet license ID, version and serial number
  • Full support for Windows 10 including Microsoft digital signature on 64-bit kernel files
  • Full support for Windows Server 2016 including terminal server

  • Jul 2017
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for additional support in tracking of 32bit and 64bit Bentley® Applications
  • Added new direct link from SofTrack Console to support FAQ page on this website
  • LOGON LOG will now automatically rotate to a new filename extension every 5MB to improve reporting performance
  • Added option for SofTrack Local Agent to decrease CPU overhead when used on VMware VDI systems

  • Aug 2017
  • Added new workstation scan to report via email alert where the SofTrack workstation agent is not installed
  • Added project management ability to SofTrack License Profiles - now a valid usage period can be defined to prevent application usage at all other times including while being used in OFFLINE MODE

  • Apr 2018
  • Added ability for users to self-checkout and self-checkin licenses to be used while offline
  • Added Autodesk codes, serial numbers, versions not tracked report
  • Added License Pooling option to allow 2 license profiles to utilize the same license pool yet retain separate reporting, this now allows SofTrack to properly control Microstation/J licenses when used with newer versions of Microstation
  • Quick Inventory now reports Windows Build and Release details
  • Quick Inventory now includes Office 2013 Installation Key including for Office Home and Business 2013
  • Added Multi-Day Software Metering Report to quickly view usages occurring across multiple days

  • May 2018
  • Added detection and reporting of Windows 10 Free Upgrade Installation Key for workstations where a previous version of Windows was upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Updated detection and reporting of Office 2010 Installation Keys when upgraded from trial version

  • Aug 2018
  • Added PER USER License Profile type to assist tracking of Bentley® CONNECTIONS Passport and Visa licenses - both are per-unique-user licenses, not shared or pooled among users
  • Added ability to track when ESRI's ARCgis launches any Bentley® water-based product (SewerGEMS, StormCAD, etc.)

  • October 4 2018
  • Resolved conflict in SofTrack Local Workstation Agent when used with 64bit version of Windows 10 Update 1809 Update that can cause "green screen" (previously known as 'blue screen') to occur.

  • Dec 2018
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for additional support in tracking of 32bit and 64bit Bentley® V11 Applications
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for detection of Autodesk codes for 2019 versions of Autodesk products
  • Added Automatic License Release / Termination ability when licenses started while online and then changes to offline operation - to ensure license control
  • Added configurable auto-purge of licenses where SofTrack Local Agent communication is not present after a specified number of hours
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent to remove duplicate idle application alerts
  • Resolved issue where LWAYTRAY icon not consistently appearing in user system tray - used for self-checkout and self-checkin of licenses
  • Added additional ability to include Bentley Site Activation Key for license control of Bentley® applications
  • Improved load and search speed when reviewing workstation audit logs
  • Added checked-out usages in active user license usage web reports
  • Corrected issue in SofTrack Local Agent to allow correct operation with the SpaceGass application
  • Added ability to customize 'offline usage is blocked' message presented to user when attempting to start an application only allowed while online

  • Jan 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for support of recent updates made to Bentley® Applications

  • Jun 10 2019
  • Released New SofTrack Administration Console - modernized the user interface
  • Added Support for Windows Server 2019
  • Updated all SofTrack Server Agent components to be fully 64bit, previously only the kernel driver was 64bit
  • Updated SofTrack Local Agent for improved support of recent updates made to Bentley® Applications

  • Jul 26 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Agents to perform Automatic Autodesk® Usage Report by network license and by product's feature code - completely independently of any existing License Profiles
  • Updated SofTrack Agents to enable new feature LWA Automatic Updates starting with LWA v7.25a can now utilize automatic updating
  • Updated SofTrack Server Agent to suppress sending duplicate Bentley® not tracked alert emails

  • Nov 4 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Agent to properly detect Bentley® codes for Navigator v10
  • Added new email Alert for 'Copy File to Removable Device' workstation activity

  • Nov 22 2019
  • Updated SofTrack Agent to properly detect Bentley® codes for RAM version 17 products

  • Feb 25 2020
  • Updated DSRRSMTP.DLL component to support TLS v1.2 (used for email alerts)
  • Updated SofTrack Agent to properly detect Bentley® Site Activation Code for command line metering

  • Jun 18 2020
  • Added new by user report for Autodesk "Product Usage" (for usage activity that is automatically detected)
  • Added new Smart Inventory report to show all Applcations used, per day, on specific workstations during a specific reporting period.
  • Added support for tracking Serial Number and Product Codes engaged by Autodesk 2020/2021 products
  • Added support for Bluebeam REVU 2018/2019 and later versions, will now include Serial Number on launch and 30 seconds after launch will send launch code indicating if open for Markup Mode or ViewOnlyMode
  • Added option to Push Console to set Remote Registry service to "Demand Start" to successfully complete LWA updates

  • Oct 05 2020
  • NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: SofTrack Managed Assets
  • Automatically track all user-opened applications
  • Track Idle usage, Active usage and Total usage for every application users open
  • New light-weight agent records all activity online, offline and securely uploads or transfers data for reporting
  • All Activity stored in SQL Server
  • Separate workstation data per department, campus, geo-location, and more
  • Designed to provide Software Asset Management for Enterprises, Education and MSPs
  • Multiple Software Asset Management reports: Audit Position, User Daily Activity, Concurrent Usage Graph (compare up to 10 applications), Applications used, Excessive Idle Applications, Applications installed per workstation and Applications Not Used and many more

  • Jan 11 2021
  • Update to resolve conflict when Autodesk® products embed Bentley® applications
  • Update to resolve "Quick Links" links disappearing on Windows® 10 workstations
  • Added interactive user-defined prompt responses for Advanced Timekeeping
  • Added ability to sequence License Profile processing (new option within Linking Profile configuration)

  • Mar 01 2021
  • Update workstation agent to correctly obtain Bentley® codes for ProjectWise 10
  • Update workstation agent to correctly provide metering for applications using long command lines (more than 500 characters)

  • May 17 2021
  • Update workstation agent to consistently provide codes and serial number (if assigned) for Autodesk 2020 applications
  • Update workstation agent to ensure correct operation with Bentley® ProjectWise

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