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SofTrack License Compliance Overview

 Simplifying IT Asset Management

License Compliance?

SofTrack provides a complete software/application license compliance solution. The top two application licenses used by Windows® applications are "by installation (single-user)" and "by concurrent use".

SofTrack completes your IT Asset Management needs by addressing these main two license types. Please note that there are other types of software licenses including "per CPU", "time-limited", "pay-as-you-go", "site-wide" and "freeware".

Individual/Single-User License

The most popular licensing used by major manufacturers including Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Symantec and McAfee is to count installed software as being a license use.

Under this type of licensing, each workstation where an application is installed is literally counted as being in-use even if the application is never actually used.

This type of license usually prohibts use of the installed software across a network (or via terminal server session), that is, the specific application can only be used by a single person logged onto the machine where installed.

Concurrent License

The second most popular license type for Windows® applications is the concurrent license.

This type of license is only in-use when the licensed application is being used. There are usually no restrictions on who can use the application and from where, only the number of times it is simultaneously in-use (i.e. concurrently used).

SofTrack and License Compliance

SofTrack will help you simplify your IT Asset Management of single-user and concurrent application licenses. With SofTrack, there is no limit to the number of applications you can inventory and control per workstation.

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