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SofTrack Workstation Audit Browsing

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Website Browsing

SofTrack includes a Windows® workstation agent that can be easily configured to track all browser activity of each local workstation. This same agent can be used to track all internet browsing of each and every terminal session including those provided by Citrix®.
Website Browsing Tracking Details

SofTrack's website browsing auditing provides tracking of all internet access regardless of the browser used. All browsers are supported including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and so on.

Each activity record collected includes the following:

Sample Browser Audit Report:
Browser Audit Report
  • >Local User Logon Name
  • >Browser Process filename
  • >URL visited
  • >Time of visit
  • >Workstation Name of the User
  • >Workstation IP Address

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