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SofTrack Manages ESRI® ArcGIS Licenses

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: License Compliance

SofTrack provides a strong foundation to help you manage your ESRI® ArcGIS Licenses.

SofTrack's Supplemental License Profiles directly monitor ESRI® License Checkout and Checkin activity by ESRI's product license code and automatically detects if the license is a floating (concurrent) license or a fixed (standalone, singleuser) license..

Additionally, SofTrack records when a license checkout request is denied by ESRI's license manager.

SofTrack's direct monitoring, real-time view and historical reporting provides you with the ability to know exactly how your ESRI® ArcGIS licenses are being utilized.

If desired, SofTrack provides you with the ability to automatically queue users when ESRI's license manager denies a license checkout. SofTrack will notify and exclusively hold a ready to be used, formally queued, license for the requesting user for a predefined time period of 1 to 30 minutes. If the notified user does not Checkout the ArcGIS license the next queued user will notified and so on. Your users benefit by having an automatic method to alert them when a license is available.

Your users will also benefit when they use SofTrack's Active User webpage. This page is updated every minute showing which users (and workstations) have checked out an ESRI license and can be configured to show concurrent and single user licenses. This webpage view includes showing any queued users.

For the administrator, SofTrack provides real-time alerting when concurrent license usage thresholds are exceeded. For completed license usage activity, SofTrack provides detailed license usage reporting including automatic weekly, monthly and quarterly summary graphs.

Complete your ESRI® licensing with SofTrack.

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