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SofTrack Workstation Daily Use Chart

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Local Workstation + Terminal Server User Access

SofTrack includes a Windows® workstation agent that can be easily configured to track local workstation logon and logoff activities. This same agent can be used to track logon and logoff activities for terminal sessions including Citrix®.
Logon Tracking Reporting

SofTrack's unique Windows® workstation agent technology provides a low overhead mechanism to track your users' connection activities.

When you use SofTrack's simple reporting interface you can easily create a daily chart of completed logon activity on any specific workstation or group of workstations. The resulting hour-by-hour chart will reveal how many users were simultaneously logged on.

Your charting options include:

  • >Reporting Period
  • >Starting Hour
  • >Ending Hour
  • >Minute during each hour to identify usage


Real-Time Workstation Status Graph
SofTrack includes the ability to view a chart of current workstation activity. This quick summary, found on the Workstation Availability selector screen, includes the following Workstation Counts:

  • >Count where logons have been reported at any time (total found)
  • >Count where last reported status more than 30 minutes ago
  • >Count where in-use in past 30 minutes
  • >Count where available (no one logged on) in past 30 minutes


The chart will auto-size based on the number of computers found.

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