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  • Automated Auditing of Software Use - Automatically Discover Installed Applications throughout your enterprise
  • Audit Application Usage on your Windows PCs, Terminal & Citrix Servers, Virtualized Desktops, Virtualized Applications and Macintoshes
Audit Files Deleted, Created, Renamed, Copied and each Web Page accessed by every Windows Desktop

SofTrack Software Licenses Installed

 Simplifying IT Asset Management

Ready for IT Asset Management? Where to start? We suggest you start with understanding what applications you have installed.

SofTrack's Smart Inventory will help you simplify your IT Asset Management.
Features & Benefits

Feature: SofTrack will provide a baseline report of what applications you have installed.

Benefit: You will quickly know what is installed without having any previous knowledge of your situation.

Feature: Quickly discover where applications are installed but are NEVER used.

Benefit: Unused applications represent an opportunity to save money:

    Save money by removing unused application installations. When unused applications are removed you can eliminate spending associated with the maintenance and upkeep of those unused application licenses.


    Instead of purchasing additional licenses of applications you already own, simply move those installations by removing them where unused to where they are needed. You save money by simply reorganizing your existing installations!

Feature: Know where applications are installed and where they are in-use.

Benefit: Applications that are unused can be removed and/or uninstalled. When you remove unused applications, you can reduce the fees paid for upgrade charges and annual maintenance associated with the uninstalled licenses.

Feature: Know where applications are installed and how often they are used.

Benefit: Find opportunities for improving your business processes:

  • > Are the applications installed being underutilized?
  • > Do your users require further training in order to use the applications more efficiently or at all?
  • > Perhaps underutilization is due to users relying upon older, unapproved software?

Licenses Installed: Sample Reports

Smart Inventory: Applications Usage Summary

    Smart Inventory: Applications Usage Summary
    Number of workstations where installed and whether or not used
  • >Application Name
  • >Application Version
  • >Application Publisher
  • >Number of Workstations where the application is installed
  • >Number of Workstations where the application has been used

Smart Inventory: Workstation Usage Summary

    Smart Inventory: Workstation Usage Summary
    Applications installed, how many times used and most recent use
  • >Workstation Name
  • >Application Name
  • >Application Serial Number (Windows only)
  • >Application Version
  • >Application Publisher
  • >Date Tracking began
  • >Number of times used
  • >Date of most recent use

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