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SofTrack Workstation Inventory Changes

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Hardware & Software Inventory Change Tracking

SofTrack's Quick Inventory records are inspected by the SofTrack Server Agent upon each refresh cycle. Any differences are recorded in a change tracking log.

SofTrack's Quick Inventory Change Tracking log provides details of changes such as:

  • >Applications installed including serial number
    (Serial numbers only for Windows® Applications)
  • >Applications that have been added and/or removed
  • >Windows® Hotfixes and service packs installed & removed
  • >Windows® Primary workstation user changes
  • >Windows® Printers installed
  • >TCP/IP address changes per workstation
  • >Machine BIOS revision changes
  • >Physical RAM modifications
  • >CPU changes
  • >Disk Space availability
  • >Video Adapter Model, Version and Driver Date changes
Sample Quick Inventory Change Tracking Report

Quick Inventory: Change Tracking Details

    Quick Inventory: Change Tracking Details
  • >Workstation Name
  • >Workstation's TCP/IP address at time change discovered
  • >Item Added, Modified or Removed
  • >Previous value

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