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SofTrack Tracks/Alerts USB Copying Activity

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Local Workstation USB Activity

Are you looking for a solution that will quietly and non-intrusively enable you to discover what files users are copying from their Windows workstation or network resources to USB or other removable devices?

SofTrack enables you to track and alert all files copied to USB and all other removable devices performed at each Windows workstation or Windows Server in your network or off your network. Copy to USB ALERT!

SofTrack's ability to track USB file copies includes offline workstations. When offline workstations re-connect to your network the SofTrack activity logs are transmitted and your reports brought up-to-date with all activity that occurred while offline.

Optionally, SofTrack can be used to block all copies to USB and all other removable devices.

You can use SofTrack to assist in your regulatory compliance efforts. SofTrack also provides full audit trails of all files opened, created, deleted, copied as well as all web-browser activity.

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