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SofTrack Stops Games & Viruses

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Stop games and viruses on Windows® Workstations

SofTrack Blocks Games and Viruses

SofTrack includes several features to assist you in preventing games and viruses from being introduced onto your workstations.

When you use SofTrack's Local Workstation Agent technology you can quickly and easily:

  • >Block illicit internet downloads that automatically install appplications
  • >Halt attempts to create and/or modify EXE and DLL files
  • >Prevent use of any application from a removable device including CDs & Memory Sticks
  • >Stop use of SETUP.EXE, INSTALL.EXE and any other application by its filename

SofTrack can serve as your primary defense or as supplement to other technologies you may be using. SofTrack monitors user activity at the operating system level to ensure its protection is not subverted.

This beneficial technology prevents users and the applications they use from performing unwanted activities such as creating and/or modifying application files (EXE, DLL and COM). This means you can further lock down your users' workstations by stopping installation (intentional or otherwise) of web downloads.

By completely blocking application launches from removable devices, SofTrack stops users from bringing games from home that may contain viruses. Removable devices include CDROM, DVD, Memory Sticks, Cell Phones, MP3 players, and so on.

Using SofTrack's software metering technology you can easily define a list of applications to be blocked by filename (SETUP.EXE, INSTALL.EXE, FLASHGET.EXE, WEATHERBUG.EXE, EDONKEY.EXE and so on).

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