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On June 10, 2019 we released new SofTrack Console Interface. This webpage has been prepared to review the main highlights of our new SofTrack Console.

Please review the following sections and click on the images to see each fully sized.


Overall new look and feel

We have updated the SofTrack Console to have a more familiar look and feel to applications such as Microsoft® Office.

The following 3 images are of the same interface, each with a different style (also called themes). The style can be set at the top right corner with the dropdown Style menu item.

Default Style, Office 2016 Colorful

Optional Style, Office 2016 Dark

Optional Style, Office 2013 White

There are many other styles/themes to choose from and we will add new themes in the future. When setting the style it is remembered each time you open the SofTrack Console. Also, each time you open the SofTrack Console it will automatically open to the last view shown prior to being closed. Both these new abilities are only remembered per user+workstation. Thus, if you use the SofTrack Console from another workstation or as logged in as a different user the defaults will be used.

Additionally, the SofTrack Console window (and most of its sub-windows) can be re-sized as required, previously only some report windows could be re-sized and the items be shown correctly adjusted for the new size.

Home page server tile

The server tile will be blue (as shown above, gray is used when the server tile is not selected) if the server has been added to the SofTrack Console (servers added is specific to your workstation and logon, this allows each Administrator to have their own set of defaults). However, if you find the tile as being green:

this specifically indicates the server was automatically shown because no servers have yet been added to the console and that server (or workstation) is the current machine.

New Alert Tiles

As shown above, there are now several Alert Tiles that can occur.

These tiles are shown on the 'Server Home' page section of the Home tab. If you click on an alert tile, the console will change the view to section of the console related to the issued being alerted.

There is another tile not shown above, it has a blue background and will alert you that your SofTrack Token (i.e. SofTrack License) will expire in the next month or less and clicking that tile will start an email within your default email client.

New Agents Tab sections

The Agents tab now has (3) sections.

The first is the Agents Home, this section shows only those workstation agents active in the past 7 days.

The second is the Archived Agents section. This section shows that workstation agents that you have removed from the other two views. It is presumed these agents are no longer being used but may be again in the future.

The third section is the Inactive Agents section. This section shows workstation agents that were last active more than 7 days ago.

In addition to the new views above there are three new buttons:

  • Open Remote Desktop session with selected Computers
  • Archive selected Computers
  • Remove selected Computers from being shown

  • The Open Remote Desktop session button presumes the selected computers are able to respond to and participate in a remote desktop session.

    The Archive and Delete buttons will also automatically archive the Audit and Logon files for each selected computer. These new buttons were created to assist with remediation of SofTrack's WX2 licensing errors.

    New Look for the Push Console

    SofTrack's Push Console had many features that were only avaiable via right-click menu and as a result may not have been immediately obvious. The revised Push Console now utilizes a menu ribbon (as shown below). And, notice at the right side the workstation agent versions to be pushed are shown. These values are obtained directly from the agent files that will be pushed.

    New Profiles Tab sections

    The Profiles tab includes two new views:

  • Active Users
  • Checked Out Users

  • The Active Users section will show all currently active users for all License Profiles. The view incorporates a searchable grid where the top of each column can be used to filter the results. For instance, you could type in a user name at the top of the Active User column to quickly find all licenses that user is currently utilizing.

    The Checked Out Users section will show all users who currently have a License Profile checked out (via LWATRAY at each workstation or via the action of an Administrator). This section also includes a searchable grid and features a Check In button to quickly check in licenses for a users who, for instance, had lost their workstation due to hardware failure or other cause.

    New Profile Editing Ability

    When creating and maintaining License Profiles for control of Bentley® and Autodesk® licenses you can now directly add new not yet tracked codes directly when editing the profile:

    Software Metering Report Updates

    We have made several incremental updates to configuration, viewing and saving of Software Metering Reports.

    The first is selection of the date range with a new method:

    The second update is to the report viewer, it has been updated to be fully functional including vertical scrolling with the mouse wheel:

    While a report is being built there is a new progress window that includes elapsed time and an Abort button:

    The History Graph has been updated with the following:

  • Maximum day range is now 370 days (previously 114 days)
  • Normal Usage and Blocked Usage now shown by default (see image below)
  • Under the Options menu on the History Graph you can toggle the Blocked Usage from being shown
  • The ability to view the Top 25 Users is now found on the Options menu, it includes the ability to save to HTML, it will automatically embed the images into a single HTML for easy sharing
  • The History Graph is now fully resizable
  • The History Graph, under the File menu can be saved to an HTML file - the images are embedded so the resulting HTML file is easily shareable

  • When you save the History Graph to HTML it will automatically save the image as the size it is currently being show so the resulting HTML file will have the image sized the same. For instance, the image above can be re-sized smaller:

    (click on the images above to see each as its full size)

    Additionally, when you click on a particular date to view its intra-day activity:

    You still have the same abilities as before as shown in its menu, however, the save to HTML will now embed all images in the HTML file for easy sharing (previously a separate file was created for each image).

    (click on the images above to see each as its full size)

    Workstation Audit Updates

    The workstation audit view has been revised:

    The workstation audit reports now include a searchable grid view:

    If you need support or training...

    If you have a support issue, please initiate your request via any of these methods:

  • an e-mail to

  • By calling 512-372-8991 ext. 2; Our support staff is available most weekdays from
           04:00 (GMT-6) to 18:00 Central USA Time (GMT-6)

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